21 Degree Framing Nails-0.113 Inch

Round Head Zinc Galvanized Ring Plastic Strip Nails for Framing Nailer

Product Descriptions

FN.113-04: 21 Degree 2-3/8 in. x 0.113 in. Exterior Galvanized Ring Shank Plastic Collated Nails (5,000 Nails per Box) Rust and Corrosion Resistant.

These 2 3/8" strip nails are 21degree angle, collated (held together) with a plastic strip. Made of .113" (12 gauge) RING shank Electro Galvanized steel. Electro Galvanized steel provides a thin layer of coating with a measure of protection against the elements. Ring shank nails, also known as annular thread, offer superior holding power and helps prevent nails from backing out over time. Compatible with 20-22 degree angle framing nailers. Each Nail-It contains approximately 5,000 nails.

Product Details

  • Minimum Order : 96 Boxes
  • Type : Framing Nails
  • Material : Steel
  • Nails per Box :5000
  • Item Weight(net): 34.39 Pounds
  • Surface Finishing: Zinc Galvanized, Ring, Vinyl Coated
  • Degree : 21°
  • Diameter : 2.85mm (0.113")
  • Length : 2-3/8 Inch