Product Code: HDN-06

Bright Steel Ring-Shank Common Nails (6D, 8D, 10D, 16D)

Product Descriptions

Common nails are the typical nail for framing with a ring shank and a heavy flat head. Used in everyday construction The Common Bright Nails are used in construction There are many sizes and styles of nails available. As construction materials and techniques evolve, fastener design keeps pace with the changing technology. The nails requirements vary from project to project and the safety and life expectancy of the project can be extended or compromised based upon the nails used.

  • • Use where corrosion resistance is not required
  • • Made of steel
  • • Length: 6D to 16D
  • • Bright finish
  • • Ring shank
  • • Uncoated
  • • Made to conform to ASTM F1667

Product Details

  • Quantity: 50 Pound Box
  • Minimum Order : 20 Boxes (However, total Order quantity should be 100 Boxes of all hand drive nail items)
  • Packaging Type : Corrugated Boxes